Checked Baggage

What is Checked Baggage?

Checked baggage is the luggage that goes inside the loading area of ​​the airplane. You must go to the Volaris counter at the airport to get the corresponding Bag Tags that identify your baggage so it can be taken to the plane.

What does your flight include?

When booking a flight remember what your type of reservation includes, that way you can travel how you like it and add extra baggage if you wish.

Allowed weight and sizes

The checked bags should be of no more than 62 total inches (158 cm) (width + height + length) and 55 lbs (25 kg).


Pay with INVEX

Volaris INVEX credit card will offer you the benefit of all domestic and international flights, you are able to take 22 extra lbs. (10 kg) on your 2 cabin bags allowed, plus 1 extra checked bag of up to 77.16 lbs. (35 kg) (Only applies for INVEX and INVEX 2.0)

*Volaris INVEX credit cards are a financial product issued by Banco Invex.

Add more baggage

If you need more baggage, you must cover the corresponding charge and you’ll be able to take up to 5 checked bags of no more than 62 total inches (158 cm) (width + height + length) and 55 lbs. (25 kg) for the corresponding extra charge. Purchase your extra baggage before getting to the airport so you can save more.


Do it during your booking process, or if you already have a flight, by going to My Trips from our Volaris App or through our Call Center.

At what time should I arrive at the airport to check my baggage?

For domestic flights (within Mexico), you most check your bag at the counter at least 2 hours before your flight’s departure. For international flights (USA and Central America), check in at least 3 hours before your flight’s departure. 


Please note that the boarding process closes 45 minutes before your flight's departure.

Tip to get on board faster

Print your bag tags from home, to speed up your check-in process! Check Home Printed Bag Tag for more information.

Meet the Home Printed Bag Tag


· If your Checked Baggage exceeds 55 lb, you will be charged an overweight fee. 

· When checking bags, make sure that the bag tags have your name and the correct destination. And when claiming your bags, make sure that the tag on your bag matches your receipt. (Our Volaris Ambassadors are the only ones who are authorized to put a tag on your bag at the counter)

· If the perishable items you’re carrying on your checked bag do not comply with the necessary requirements, they won’t be allowed on the plane. Please review our baggage requirements on Perishable Items.

You can take

Cardboard Boxes

You can check a cardboard box as long as it is in good condition, weighs no more than 55 lbs. (25 kg) and is not being used to transport eggs or hazardous materials.

Perishable Items

Perishable items can be transported inside the checked baggage or as separate items, at the customer’s own responsibility, as long as everything is carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the region or country where the flight takes place.

Every item must be packed securely in a resistant recipient, it must indicate the gross weight of the package, and the kind of perishable item it contains. If double wrapping is required, secure the top layer with plastic tape. The container must not be torn, broken or have any damage that could cause leakage.

Considered as perishable items:

Fresh meat, frozen meat, sweets, cakes, flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood and milk products.

Please note that all these items are accepted with limited responsibility. 
Volaris won’t be hold responsible if you don't comply with the previous requirements.


Attaching two or more pieces of baggage is forbidden. They cannot be checked as a single item additional fees may apply.

Perishable items that don’t meet the necessary conditions won’t be allowed on the plane.

Restricted items will not be allowed in your checked baggage.

When you arrive at your destination, find out which carousel has the baggage for your flight and claim your checked items there.

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