Carry-on baggage 


Included on all our routes, with no additional cost

2 Carry-on bags  (standard size) that must not weigh over 22 lb. (10 kg) in total (including both bags), of 22.4 x 15.7 x 12.9 inches (57 x 40 x 33 cm) each.


Please keep in mind that everything that you bring in the cabin is part of the 22 lb. (10 kg) limit including: handbag, backpack, portfolio, electronic equipment, photography equipment, bags, diaper bags, etc.

If any one of your carry-on bags exceeds the allowed measurement, you may check it in or cover the additional charge for baggage overweight.

For your safety and comfort, the carry-on baggage that does not fit under the seat in front of you will have to travel as checked baggage. Be sure to keep the items you may need during the flight with you.

Add weight to your Carry-On Baggage

You can add up to 22 lbs. (10 kg) extra, divided between two standard-sized carry-on bags (44 lbs. in total) as long as they comply with the required measurements.

When adding extra weight to your carry-on during your booking process or at our My Trips section, you will get the following benefits:

- Priority Boarding
- Priority to take your baggage in the cabin compartments (subject to availability)
- An additional 22 lbs. (10 kg) divided among two pieces of carry-on baggage (44 lbs. in total)

Save even more…

Add it while making your reservation or before you arrive at the airport at our My Trips section. If you need to, you can also add it when printing your boarding pass, through our Volaris App or website.


Due to an official disposition by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), starting on March 15th, 2017, only two small cabin bags are allowed per customer on all flights from United States.

If you wish to make changes for an additional cost, you can replace one small cabin bag for a medium cabin bag.

As of June 30, 2018, new provisions of the TSA will restrict the transportation of powdered products of more than 350 ml (12 oz) in carry-on to all Customers traveling to the United States.

Transportation of powder products over 350 ml (12 oz) will only be allowed as checked baggage

Liquids, Gels and Sprays

They should go in containers no larger than 100 ml / 90 gr and in a transparent plastic bag tightly sealed.


You can carry these types of batteries for personal use in electrical-electronic devices: D, C, AA, AAA, 9V and 6V.

Infant formula, milk, baby food or medication

You must inform the airline of these products with or without a prescription. Please note your baggage may be subject to inspection.

Alcoholic Beverages

You can carry in your cabin bags up to 5 lts of alcoholic beverages acquired in Duty Free that contain between 24% and 70% volume of alcohol, with brand and intact seals. Only applies on direct (non-connecting) domestic or international flights.


Always keep your official ID and documents, medication, money, keys, perishables and electronics in your cabin baggage.

Please note

Any carry-on bag (standard size) that exceeds acceptable dimensions must be checked. If you've already checked one bag, you'll be charged for an additional checked bag. This can only be done at the Volaris airport counters.

You can also save money by purchasing our More Baggage Combo during your booking process. 

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