Boarding Process

What should I do before boarding a plane?

We recommend making your Web Check-in from the comfort of your home so that when arriving at the airport, your documentation process is faster.

Arrive early at the airport

When arriving at the airport you must document your Baggage at least 2 hours before if it is a national flight and 3 hours before if it is an international flight. Consult the dimension and weight specifications for your checked baggage.

To save time, remember that you can Print your Boarding Pass at home from our website, from 72 to 1 hour before your flight, if it is national. If it is international, you can print your boarding pass from 24 to 1 hour before the flight.

ROW #1

Customers with boarding pass and baggage

(Bag Drop)

ROW #2

Customers without boarding pass

 (Check-in + Bag Drop)

ROW #3

Customers with special services

(Check-in + Special Services)

Step 1

Before going to the airport, do not forget to take your Official Identification (valid passport and Visa for international flights) and your reservation code.

Step 2

When you arrive at the terminal at the airport, go to the Volaris counter with your personal documents, your reservation code and, if you already have it printed, your boarding pass.

Step 3

To get to the last waiting room you will pass the Security Filter with a metal detector and check your hand Baggage with X-ray machine. Place the metal items in your suitcase or in the trays to pass the filter.

Step 4

Check your Boarding Pass to see where your flight will depart. You must be in the last waiting room at least 45 minutes before boarding on domestic flights, and one hour before on international flights.

Step 5

Follow the indications of the customer service advisor, so that your boarding is easier and identifies in your pass the boarding area number and your assigned seat. When you boarding the plane, you must make an orderly line and have your boarding pass and IDs handy to present them at the entrance.

Step 6

Once you are inside the plane, locate your seat and place your carry-on baggage in the upper compartments of the cabin. Take your seat, buckle up, pay attention to safety instructions ... and enjoy your flight with Volaris!


· Electronic and valuable items, medications and important documents must be in your carry-on baggage.

· For reasons of airport security it is not allowed to carry in your hand baggage, liquids and / or gels of more than 100 ml.

· It considers that once the baggage is delivered to the counter, it will no longer be possible to deposit in it any item that the security filters do not allow to enter.

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