Choose your Seat


Don’t let anyone decide for you!

Do not let anybody choose for you. Select the seat your prefer before your get to the airport. Do not wait until the last minute or someone else can get your favorite place for themselves.


How do I choose my seat?

You can choose how you want to add your seat to your reservation.

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    More Speed Combo

    You can choose it during your booking process by adding our More Speed Combo (except Front row and Emergency exit seats)

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    By Booking

    You can choose it by purchasing it during your booking process.

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    My Trips

    If you already have a flight, you can also choose your seat in this section, covering the corresponding charge

Doing Web Check-in!

Print your boarding pass from your home or office and avoid long queues to arrive directly at the boarding gate.

Remember that in order to print your boarding pass from our website, you must do it from 72 hours to 1 hour before within a Mexico flight.

In an international flight you must do it from 24 hours to one hour before.

We will select a seat for you without cost and if you wish, you can choose any other with an extra cost, do not wait until you get to the airport (seat selection will be limited to availability on the flight).

First row

Be first to get off the plane.


Most wanted: be one of the first ones to get off the plane, from the second row up to the last row before the first Emergency Exit.

Emergency Exit Seat

The best seats on the plane to stretch your legs during the flight.


Cheapest option to select your favorite in the first back section of the plane.


Cheapest option to select your favorite in the second back section of the plane.

Extra Space

Enjoy your flight with more leg room and be one of the first ones to get off the plane. Exclusive seats from Airbus 321, from row 2 to 4.

For security, you will NOT be able to select seats in Emergency Exit if:

· If you have any medical condition or illness.

· If you’re under 15 years old.

· If you’re traveling with infants or pets.

· If you have physical disabilities (including cognitive, visual, vocal, and hearing disabilities), or if you are overweight. 


If you are pregnant...

· We recommend you to select your seat during your booking process. Ensure maximum comfort!

Remember, when you choose seats in an exit row, you must be able to help the crew in case of an emergency. 


Seat fee varies depending on the route and group seat you choose: First Row, Front, Extra Space, Regular or Back seats. 

See our Terms and Conditions.

Check the cost of the service in the Additional Services Fees.

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