Clean Base Fare

What is Clean Base Fare?

Since we know you are a fan of low-cost flying, Volaris created the Clean Base Fare.

This means that we took off from the price of your ticket, all the costs regarding onboard food, extra baggage, and everything else that we know you might not really need.


All this to offer you the lowest fare and you decide what Optional Services to add, so you do not pay for what you do not need.

About our Optional Services

In your Clean Base Fare, you will not find any charges for things that you won't use or need. At Volaris, you decide with which add-ons you want to customize your trip.

Additional Baggage

There are no more excuses to leave your shoes out because they didn’t fit in. 

Remember that if you need to, you may add more baggage during your booking process or by going to My Trips section or on our Volaris App.


Additional Baggage 

This Baggage Policy applies starting on November 1st 2017. 

· Please consider that every passenger is allowed to take a total of 22 lbs. as cabin baggage for an additional cost, and up to 5 additional checked bags with an extra charge per checked piece.  

* Please consider these changes for your next flight. Remember that it’s cheaper to add a bag during the booking process than at the airport.

Choose Your Seat

Fly in your favorite spot!

For a small charge, you can choose to fly in one of the first rows, in a window or aisle seat, or close to the toilets.



If you choose a seat among the first rows, you’ll be one of the first to get off the plane after landing. 

Protect Your Trip

Travel safely. At Volaris, we worry about you.

That’s why we protect you 24 hours before and 24 hours after your flight. Learn about TripAssistance and our Volaris Protections services.



Protect your trip so that your only worry is having a good time!

In the Clouds Menu

Eat among the clouds with our In the Clouds Menu.

When you fly with us, we don’t choose for you: you choose what you want to eat. 



Save more by choosing one of the combos we have for you in our In the Clouds Menu. Don’t empty your granny’s fridge when you get there!

Itinerary Change

While you’re still waiting for that pending permission at work.

Remember that with this service you can change your flight’s name, date or destination up to 4 hours before your flight.



Add the More Flexibility Combo for unlimited changes in date and destination.

Hotel + Plane

Discover our hotel options and travel like a king.

If you already bought your flight, you don’t need to worry about where you’ll stay. 



Save by getting a quotation for a Hotel + Plane deal as soon as you decide to travel.


We don’t want your Volaris experience to finish right after landing.

We can get you closer to your final destination or take you to the airport with our ground transportation service. Available in Cancun.



Check our available routes and fees, and forget about overpaying for a cab or a bus.


Check the cost of the service in the Additional Services Fees.

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