Easy Travel

Web Check-In

You can find this option in the main menu on our website.

Mobile Check-In

You can also check-in using the Volaris App. Simply download it to your smartphone or tablet.

Facebook Messenger

Or you can send us a message using Facebook Messenger and Chatbot Vane will guide you through the process.

What's my reservation code?


When you finalize your booking we will send you an email containing your reservation code (consisting of six characters, letters and numbers), your itinerary and details of what is included in your flight.

If you didn't receive the reservation code, contact us on Facebook.

It is really simple, just send the word "reservation" to us using Facebook Messenger and Chatbot Vane will help you to retrieve the code.

If you want to check in now, go to My Trips and prepare yourself for takeoff!

Flight Itinerary

To make things easy, this section contains all the information related to your itinerary.

Facebook Messenger

Talk to Chatbot Vane by sending us a message in Facebook Messenger. Check-in on your smartphone with either Android or IOS. *Only applies to domestic flights within Mexico.

Talk to Chatbot Vane

Web Check-in


Don't wait until you get to the airport, check-in from your home or office.

Remember you can use Web Check-in to get your boarding pass for domestic flights from 72 hours to 1 hour before your flight. If your flight is international, you can do it from 24 hours to 1 hour before your flight.


What you need to know

Web Check-In Benefits

Advantages of Web Check-in

- The baggage check-in procedure at the airport counter will be quicker.

- If you don't have any baggage to check-in you can proceed directly to the departure lounge.

· By choosing your seat beforehand you start your trip with peace of mind and no mishaps.

How does Web Check-in works?

1. Look for the Check-in option on the main menu of our website.

2. Enter your reservation code and last name and click on Check-in.

3. Select your flight.

4. Select the names of the passengers to be checked in.

5. Make sure that you comply with the restricted and prohibited baggage rules.

6. Check seat availability and reserve your seat.

7. Add the optional services you need.

8. Click on next and you'll be able to download your boarding pass and take it with you on your phone."

How does Mobile Check-in work?

Make your trip easier by doing mobile check-in from your Volaris App and get amazing extra benefits! 


Installing the Volaris app you will get additional discounts, exclusive notifications, easy ways to get flight tickets, itinerary updates and much more from your smarthphone or tablet.


Make your trip easier with Mobile Check-in on the Volaris App! Watch this video to find out how you can get your boarding pass on your smartphone, avoiding long lines at the airport and proceeding to the departure lounge much more quickly.


Flight Status

If you want information about arrivals and departures, click on the Flight Status option in the main menu of our website.

You can check the status of your flight from 24 hours before the departure time until 24 hours after arrival, making sure you are aware of any changes.

It's really easy, just enter the flight number and the date, or if you prefer, you can also enter the route and the date.