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We aim high in everything

All of our values, traditions and behaviors are centered around People, and have been established according to the Human Rights Declaration. 

High Culture

Our culture has become what distinguishes us from others in any social environment. Since we first spread our wings in 2006, we started creating a different identity within the industry; a personality with particular features centered in a specific way of being, behaving, living, and doing things.


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Contact us and let's fly together: Ana Cristina Pacheco / Marcela Sánchez Phone Number: 5261 6400 ext. 5664

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Comprehensive Policy

Committed to high quality culture.

Volaris is committed to:

As an international air transportation carrier, the Volaris Executive Team sets forth a commitment to all Customers and stakeholders to comply with all applicable regulations of the aviation industry, including those regarding safety and health in the work environment, environmental policies, and all standards established or adopted by the organization as an essential priority to guarantee: quality, air safety, corporate security, prevention of any unsafe actions and conditions, Ambassador health promotion, and the prevention of environmental pollution.

Attaining a culture where Quality, Aviation Safety, Corporate Security, Care for the Environment, Health and Safety at Work are all key operational priorities.

Volaris also makes a commitment to keep focusing on ongoing improvement.

Our Achievements

Together this is what we've made.

Through this video, you can check everything we made during 2015:

Lets Fly Together

The actions that lead our take off.

Several international studies show that interventions in health, nutrition, education and upbringing during pregnancy and the first years of life are key to national development.

Un Kilo de Ayuda works to make Early Childhood Development a national priority. Through the Integral Model for Early Childhood Development made up of: Physical Development, Neurological and Psycho-affective Development, and Community Development, the aim is to achieve full capacity in all children under 5 years of age.

For the fifth consecutive year, Volaris joined the annual bottle of Un Kilo de Ayuda to support the efforts of this organization by taking, with the support of our Crews and voluntarily, the boats in the clouds to dream big with a strong Mexico.

In Volaris we assume a voluntary and responsible commitment to positively and sustainably impact the development of the country, the people, the environment and the communities where we operate and this is how, throughout these years of partnership between Volaris and Un Kilo de Ayuda , we have learned that only flying together society, company and civil society organizations, we can contribute to our Mexico change and that there is not a single child with malnutrition or anemia.

Thanks to your contribution during the campaign "Volemos Juntos, Boteo 2015" we managed to ensure the application of more than 4,000 hemoglobin tests to prevent and / or correct problems of malnutrition and / or anemia, since iron deficiency in children under 2 years of age can have irreversible consequences and affects the skills to write, read, speak and solve mathematical problems, we also managed to concretize the construction of a Community Center in the Salitre del Cerro community in the State of Mexico in collaboration with other partners and impacting more than 1,200 people.

This 2016 we invite you to be part of the Un Kilo de Ayuda. ¡Please Donate! All help is important and remember that the next time you want to travel, by doing so through Volaris, you contribute to these and other Social Responsibility projects being carried out, thus benefiting hundreds of people.


Un Kilo de Ayuda

Facebook: UnKilodeAyuda

Twitter: @unkilodeayuda

Teléfono: 01 800 288 8521

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Lets Fly Together

El lado V de Volaris.

Marcela Sánchez 

T. 5261 6400 ext. 5664

At Volaris we make dreams come true

Let's fly together

Through “Let's Fly Together”, our permanent social responsibility campaign, and thanks to the actions of our Ambassadors and Clients, we have touched all parts of our society and environment with positive results amongst all the beneficiaries. This encourages us to continue pursuing new ways of transcending with each flight. 

One way in which we achieve this is by making dreams come true!

Fulfilling Dreams

Throughout the years, we have helped fulfill the dreams of more than 100 children of flying to meet the sea for the first time.

Our Clients and Ambassadors help make the flight very enjoyable for the little ones, who are combating various stages of different chronic or terminal diseases, but still have the energy to face any of them.

Volaris Family

This activity has given us the opportunity to expand our Volaris family, and to redefine the meaning of transcending as ambassadors.


We are conscious about the impact of the aerial industry on the environment. That is why our #ForACleanSky campaign has implemented initiatives and programs designed to compensate for the pollution of flying, and to contribute with actions against global warming. We are continually working on establishing goals aligned to our sustainability model, that allow us to keep contributing to the environment. Here are some examples of the goals met:

In 2014, the corresponding audits were done in order to achieve the necessary certifications on Environmental Management Systems: ISO 14001 and on Quality: ISO 9001. Our operations are currently regulated by these certifications for various processes, such as: organization of the Operations Control Center (CCO), Department of Crisis Management, Fuel Saving Program and Environmental Activities of the Corporate Offices (Green Offices).

Also in 2014, thanks to our Carbon Offset Program and the help of our clients, we gathered $904,000 MXN. These resources were donated to the Ecological Reserve of Sierra Gorda in Queretaro, compensating part of the ecological trace generated by our operations, as well as creating an environmental awareness between Clients and Ambassadors.

In 2015, we adjusted our Carbon Offset Program by signing an agreement with Plataforma Mexicana de Carbono MÉXICO2 for the purchase of certified reductions of carbon credits, which are used for national certified projects with international standards. With the help of our Clients and Ambassadors, we became the first airline to neutralize CO2 emissions, through this Organization.

We minimize the Carbon Footprint

Our Clients can choose to compensate the carbon footprint left behind with each flight, by contributing during their booking flight on “For a Clean Sky” through our website. These contributions will be reflected upon the purchase of carbon credits on MÉXICO2 .


Reduction and Recycling

Reduction of power consumption and garbage by recycling in our corporate offices

Reduction of gas emissions

A fleet with an age range of 4.5 years. Last generation airplanes with technology that ensures a decrease of fuel consumption. Proper selection of alternate airports.

Flight Plans

Flight plans with minimum differences between the planned payload and the real one, in order to get a difference below 400 kg and avoid charging for unnecessary fuel.

Optimizing Flap use and Sharklets

Moving on the ground with only one engine and optimizing the flap use, as well as reducing reverse use. Incorporating new efficient technologies such as sharklets.

Digital Flight Folder

Reduction of paper use by using a digital flight folder.

Volaris, a Socially Responsible Company

In 2010, we became a Socially Responsible Company upon receiving the ESR Award, which is presented annually in Mexico by Centro Mexicano de la Filantropía (CEMEFI) and AliaRSE.

We are a Socially Responsible Company as we voluntarily committed to making sure our management policies, procedures, and programs have a positive and sustainable impact on the development of the country, the people, the environment, and the communities where we operate.

The award shows our Ambassadors*, Partners, Customers, Government Authorities, and Society in general that we’re a company fully committed voluntary and publicly with a transparent socially responsible management, as part of our culture and business strategy. 

"Let's Fly Together" (Volemos Juntos), our social responsibility campaign, stems from our relationship with the community and is part of our vision: "Going above and beyond to create the best travel experiences." We’re engaged in activities and making donations to support organizations, projects, and causes that strengthen our commitment to society.

*Ambassadors: Men and women hired by Volaris represent the company.



Volaris Sustainability Model

Just as we have a business model, we also have a sustainability model aligned to the business strategy of our company. This model ensures our goal of generating a positive impact on society, the environment and the communities in which we operate.






MEG is a certification awarded by INMUJERES to companies that have adopted the Gender Equity Model management system to show their commitment to equal opportunities for women and men.


We are proud to be the first airline in Latin America and second worldwide to implement "The Code." We share the commitment of ECPAT (End child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes)

The Code Org

"The Code" to promote sustainable and responsible tourism, where children and teenagers can experience the best travel experiences and are protected from the risk of commercial sexual exploitation.

ISO 9,001:2008

We have reached, through different audits, the recertification of our Quality Management systems ISO 9,001 and Environmental Management ISO 14,001; being the first airline in Latin America to have this certification in 2009.

ISO 14,001:2004

At the present time, our operations are being regulated by an Environmental Management Certificate with the standard ISO 14001:2014, for processes such as: the organization of the Operations Control Center (CCO), Crisis Management Department, Fuel Saving Program and Environmental Activities of the Corporate Offices (Green Offices).

ECPAT Certification

Did you know that illegal transport of persons is considered the second most lucrative criminal activity in the world? 

Given this situation in Volaris we are committed to take action in the fight against this reality. 

On April 9, 2013 we signed an agreement with ECPAT * Mexico to prevent this crime, this year fulfilling four years of alliance with them and with which we have implemented within our operations and with our Ambassadors * "The Code of Conduct" (" The Code "), an international code of social responsibility for the protection of children and adolescents against commercial sexual exploitation in the Travel and Tourism Industry. 

In carrying out this commitment, we are proud to share that we are the first airline in Latin America and the second worldwide to promote sustainable and responsible tourism, where children can experience the best travel experiences and be protected from the risk of this problem.

Let's fly together!

Our commitment has crossed borders reaching Costa Rica and Guatemala, seeking alliances with ECPAT in each country and thus strengthen our actions.

(*) End prostitution, pornography and trafficking of children and adolescents for sexual purposes, by its initials in English.

(*) Men and women working in Volaris Ana Cristina Pacheco / Marcela Sánchez t. 5261 6400 ext. 5664

Corporate Volunteering

This is how we fly together.