Fly with your Pet

Don't leave your best friend behind!

If your pet + cage weights 22 lbs max you can take it as a Pet on Board with you in the cabin. If your pet + cage weights max 100 lbs you will have to take it as a Pet in Belly.

Measures of the cage

Carry it in an approved cage for air transport, fully closed and measuring maximum 17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches. Your pet must have mobility inside the cage.

Type of the cage

If you carry a dog, the cage may be soft (cloth) or rigid (plastic). If you carry a cat, it must be only rigid (plastic). In both cases you must comply with the measures and requirements.

Position on board

The cage must go under the seat in front of you secured by a plastic strap that will be provided at the airport. Your pet can not leave the cage during the flight.

Service Restrictions

a) Only dogs and cats are allowed.

b) Pets under 4 months or in lactation, sick, dead, violent or pregnant females are not accepted.

c) There is a limit of 7 pets in belly and 2 pets on board per flight.

d) You can carry only one animal per cage.

e) The cage must not have a perforated floor, wheels, or a padlock.

f) Do not vaccinate, deworm, or subject your pet to surgical procedures within 5 days prior to the flight.

g) Service and support animals must wear a leash and a collar or harness at all times.

Special Breed Restrictions

Brachiocephalic breeds (flat nose)

Please consider that due to your own pet´s safety, if it belongs to a brachiocephalic breed, those that have an excessively short and flat snout with a proportionally wide head, it won't be able to travel with us.

These kinds of breeds usually have hereditary respiratory problems and are at greater risk of suffering heat strokes or respiratory disorders when exposed to stress or extreme heat.

For more information about your pet’s breed, we suggest you to take it to a veterinarian, and learn the preventive measurements you must carry out before and during the flight.

Please take note to the following recommendations before your flight:

Check that the cage is well ventilated (on all 4 sides)

Train your pet to use his cage days before, to generate less stress

Add to your cage any toy that is familiar to your pet to make his travel more comfortable.

Moisturize your pet well before the flight, during the flight, it will not be possible.

Weight of the cage

You must not weigh more than 100 lbs between your pet and the cage. Consider that your pet should be able to turn freely on its axis, inside it.

Requirements of the cage

It´s size must not exceed 62 total in (152 cm), it must be clean, waterproof, well ventilated and free of objects that can hurt your pet, be scratch proof, with anti-escape closure and must have handles to be able to lift it.

Identification and Contact Information

The cage should be labeled with your contact information and identification of the pet. It must have aroma neutralizer and absorbent material or sanitary stones may be placed in it.

Spill-proof containers

Spill proof food and water containers for pets (provided by the passenger) in the cage, necessary for the journey, may be placed. The containers should avoid spills and the cage should contain absorbent material.

Get ready for your Flight

· Label the cage with your contact information, such as: the name, age, sex, feeding instructions, and if necessary, medication for your pet.

· Feed and water your pet about four hours before the flight.

· Allow your pet to get used to the container some days before departure.

· Bring a leash to walk your pet before and after the flight.

· Place sanitary absorbent material in the cage.


It is not recommended to sedate your pet, as it may increase the risk in some animals to suffer cardiac or respiratory problems during the flight, according to the American Veterinary Association (AVMA) and the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

We suggest contacting your consulate, embassy or government agency for more information to ensure that your pet will comply with all the requirements of the destination.

Arrive on time

Present yourself in advance for the documentation of your luggage and your pet to:

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    Present your documents to the Customer Service agent.

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    Fill the required format with your data and of your pet.

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    Pay the correspondent fee for the transportation of your pet and so the service agent can make sure that your pet meets all of the aforementioned requirements.


That the supervision by the Customer Service adviser should be carried out, that your pet meets all the previously mentioned requirements.

Breeds not allowed for transportation

In Volaris, we care a lot about your pet. Which is why, out of concern for their safety and integrity, we inform you that some breeds of cats and dogs cannot be transported as checked baggage.


These breeds include brachycephalic animals which, due to their physiognomy, have an excessively short snout, are snub-nosed and with a very wide head for their proportions.




                                                      Dogs not allowed




  · Affenpinscher


  · American Staffordshire Terrier


  · Boston Terrier


  · Boxer


  · Griffon Buxelois





  · Bulldog


  · Staffordshire Bull Terrier


  · Lhasa Apso


  · English Mastiff


  · Pekingese



  · Pit Bull


  · Canary Mastiff


  · Pug (all breeds)


  · Shar Pei


  · Tibetan Spaniel



  · Cane Corso


  · Bordeaux Mastiff


  · English Toy Spaniel


  · Japanese Chin


  · Shih tzu




                                               Cats not allowed



  · Persian



  · Himalayan



  · Exotic Shorthair



  · Burmese




These breeds may develop a brachycephalic respiratory syndrome, which causes a constant panting and breathing difficulties. These animals have a very high chance of suffering heat strokes and respiratory disorders when they are under a lot of stress or when exposed to high temperatures.


Documents needed to Travel with your Pet

Vaccination certificate

Vaccination certificate including rabies shot (less than one year from the date the shot was given to the animal and at least 30 days before the flight date).

Animal sanitary/health certificate

Animal sanitary/health certificate (original and copy) issued by a veterinarian, with validity for at least 5 days before the departing flight.

In case you come back after the 5 days, you must present a new certificate that complies with the validity period.

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