Priority Boarding

What is Priority Boarding?

With Priority Boarding, be one of the first to get on the plane, as part of the exclusive Boarding Group 1!


Add Priority Boarding to your Flight


Get it at the moment of your purchase at, through our Call Center, directly at the airport or from our Volaris App. Choose the flights in which you wish to add this service, and be the first to get on board!

This service only gives priority for boarding; it does not imply that you have priority at the baggage check-in or the security filters, nor does it give you any baggage benefit whatsoever.

Traveling with an infant?

If you’re traveling with an infant, you are automatically in Boarding Group 1 and one of the first to get on the plane.


If you acquired a combo or optional cabin bag, you are Automatically on Boarding Group 2, but you can get Priority Boarding to change to Group 1.

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