Online Payment

How to pay online?

We want you to find the most accessible way to make your reservation from where you prefer, so we put our online payment options at your fingertips. Know them and sleep peacefully knowing that the security of your data is in good hands.

Credit and Debit Card

This is the easiest option! When you make your purchase at, choose credit card as your payment option.

Pay with Credit/Debit Card

Supported Cards


American Express






Take note...

Volaris INVEX Card is the only one that offers you 3, 6 or 11monthly interest-free purchases at Volaris.


SafetyPay is a secure Internet payment solution. It lets you purchase your tickets by paying directly through the bank of your choice. The only thing you need is an account with any one of the affiliated banks of SafetyPay

Pay with SafetyPay

Affiliated Banks

  • Banorte
  • Santander
  • Bancomer
  • Scotiabank
Central America
  • Banco Lafise Costa Rica
  • Banco Popular
  • Banco Nacional
Moneygram Locations
  • Walmart safe money
  • ACE CashExpress
  • Albetsons
  • CVS/Pharmacy
  • Advance America
  • DuaneReade

Are you traveling within Central America?

If you travel within Central America, use SafetyPay to pay for your flights.


Sign up for a PayPal account and give extra protection to your information.

Pay with PayPal

How to use Paypal

1. If you already have a PayPal account, login and make your payment faster without having to share your financial information.

2. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, sign up for one and next time, you won’t have to enter any additional information.

3. Keep your receipt.


· Personal information and data protection

· Pay with a credit or debit card

· No additional fees

PayPal has many more benefits to offer you. To learn m ore about this service, visit PayPal.

Coppel Pay

Acquire your Volaris flights using your Coppel credit as a payment form.

Pay with Coppel Pay

Pay your flights with Coppel Pay

How to Pay

  1. When booking, choose the Coppel Pay option
  2. Log in with your registered username at
  3. Confirm your purchase and that’s all!

*Remember that your email must be linked to your fingerprints registered in any Coppel Store.


The purchases made will be charged to your personal credit under the name VOLARIS for domestic flights and VOLARIS CR for international flights.

You will have a 12-month term to pay with a purchase limit of $15,000 (the purchase limit will vary depending on the credit margin).

Make your payments at the Coppel Store or Coppel CANADA shoe store of your preference.


*When you complete your payment within 30 days or less, only the spot price will be collected.


Coppel Pay is an exclusive service for punctual clients.

For more information, please visit

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