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Saving Tips

Group Travel

What can I do if one of the members of my group  can’t travel?

If a member of your group can’t travel, you can make a name change up to 3 days prior to your flight, before checking in.


What is the minimum and the maximum amount of people that can travel in a group?

Starting at 10 customers flying together, you can get: the same fare for every member of the group, name changes up to 3 days before the flight’s departure, and partial payments.

For Congresses and Conventions: there are preferential prices for all the assistants of events of over 100 people, even if they are traveling from different cities in Mexico and the USA.

Saving Tips

How can I get the best fares to fly with Volaris?

To get the lowest prices to fly, register to our Newsletter, download the Volaris App, follow our promos on Social Media (FacebookTwitterInstagram) and check out our Volaris Tips for Cheap Tickets.


How can I add extra services to my flight in order to reduce costs?

During the booking process, add one of our Package Deals (More Baggage, More Flexibility or More Speed) and get additional benefits such as extra baggage, itinerary changes and name changes at a better price.



How can I find out about promotions?

Click here

What is is the Volaris memberhsip that gives you access to our best price, for sure! 


In a reservation, can other customers fly even if the membership holder isn’t?

The Group membership holder must always travel. However, the names of the other travelers may vary in every reservation.


Can I redirect all my notifications to a different email account?

The email you register as a username cannot be changed at any time. However, we can send you notifications to an email account you do use. Please write to stating the new email in which you wish to receive our notifications, and including an official ID of the membership holder. Remember that your username will not change.


Can I request a name change for my membership?

Remember that name changes don’t apply to the membership holder. For a name change of one of the people traveling with you, you can do it through our Call Center. See the cost for this service here.


Can I request a name change on reservations made with Group membership? 

The name change does not apply to the holder of the membership. To change the name of one of the additional travelers, you should contact our Call Center.


How can I change the route or date on reservations made with 

You can make itinerary changes by going to My Trips,  You can also do it by Contacting our Call Center directly; in Mexico: 01 55 1102 8000, USA: 1 855 VOLARIS (8652747), Guatemala: +502-2269-9451 / +502-2301-3939, Costa Rica: 506-4002-7462​ , El Salvador: 503-2504-5540, Nicaragua: 505-2251-2198.


There may be a change of date or route, as long as the  corresponding fee is covered, the change applies for all the passengers in the booking. See Terms and Conditions


What is subscription? 

It is the subscription to the club of those who save the most when travelling. In exchange of a monthly fee, you will have access to our exclusive price and other benefits.


What benefits do I get if I purchase my subscription? 

-Purchase with the lowest prices in every flight and ways to travel
-Exclusive promotions
-22 lb extra on checked bags when selecting Vuela Classic and Vuela Plus
-Discounts on baggage when booking your flight  


How can I subscribe to 

Enter here to join to In case you do not have an account you must complete the form by selecting the option "Create account". Be sure to enter your data as it appears in your official documents and consider that the email you register will be your username.


How can I use my subscription? 

You can use your subscription when booking your flights in

-Login with your user and password
-Select origin, destination and dates
-You will see the flight options with the prices.
-Choose your flights and type of reservation: Basic, Classic or Plus
-Finish your purchase and enjoy your trip!



Can I upgrade my subscription to group membership?

You can do it when booking your next flight in

-Login with your user and password
-Select origin, destination, the number of passengers (up to 6, besides the memmberhsip holder) and dates
-Choose between our three ways to travel (Vuela Basic, Vuela Classic or Vuela Plus) and pay the lowest prices
-The fee for the update will be added to your shopping cart
-Finish your purchase and your membership will be upgraded to Group


With my subscription, can I buy flights for the whole family? 

Yes, you just have to update your membership to Group You can do it when booking your next flight in

-Login with your user and password
-Select origin, destination, the number of passengers (up to 6, besides the memmberhsip holder) and dates
-Choose between our three ways to travel (Vuela Basic, Vuela Classic or Vuela Plus) and pay the lowest prices
-The fee for the update will be added to your shopping cart
-Finish your purchase and now you and up to 6 persons more will enjoy the benefits.


Can I change my user? 

The user cannot be modified at any time, so you should consider it at the time of registration. 


What payment methods are available to purchase the subscription?

For the moment, only credit or debit card payments are available.


How can I renew my subscription?

Your subscription is automatically renewed monthly with each payment confirmed in your credit card.  


When can I cancel my subscription? 

Your subscription has a mandatory period of 12 months. At the end of this period, if you wish, you can cancel your subscription by entering in "My Account". If you need more information consult here the terms and conditions.


I have doubts about my subscription, who can help me?

For any doubt or clarification, please contact us at, remember that you must send a scanned official identification along with your request for security purposes in order to validate that you are the owner of the subscription.


How can I become a member?

It´s easy. Just fill out VEmpresa registration form and you’ll receive an email with the instructions to complete your signing up.


Which is the contact email for VEmpresa?

For any issues related to your membership, please write an email to


What benefits do I get by joining VEmpresa?

As a VEmpresa member you will get 30% off on all types of reservation and a name change per ticket.


If I’m a VEempresa member, at what moment will I see my discount reflected on the price of the flight?

After completing your registration, you’ll get an exclusive code which you must enter every time you wish to purchase a flight in order to have access to discounted prices.

Volaris INVEX Cards

What is INVEX?


INVEX is a Mexican financial institution with XX years of experience. It has an alliance with Volaris and VISA to provide credit cards with benefits to those who fly with Volaris.


How do I get my Volaris INVEX Card?


1. Acquire it through our Call Center, on the following numbers:


Call Center from Mexico: 01 (55) 1102-8000

Call Center from USA: 1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)

Call Center from Guatemala: 502-2301-3939

Call Center from Costa Rica: 506-4002-7462

Call Center from El Salvador: 503-2504-5540

Call Center from Nicaragua: 505-2251-2198


 2. Through our website:


3. During your booking process at


4. On our Volaris sales counter, located on door 6 of Mexico City’s International Airport.


5. Or by requesting it to any one of our Ambassadors, during a flight within Mexico.



What are the requisites to get a Volaris INVEX Card?


Anyone can apply for a card, as long as they:


· Are between 18 years old and 69 years, 11 months old.

· Have a credit history.

· Deliver a signed customer request*.

· Deliver a proof of address.

· Deliver a valid and official ID.



What benefits do I get with a Volaris INVEX Card?


When you acquire your card, you’ll get:


· A welcome bonus of up to $2,150 MXN on Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit

· No annual fee for the first year

· Up to 2% cash back on Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit, on all your purchases

· Anniversary bonus on Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit of up to $1,000 MXN


When you fly with Volaris, you’ll get:


· Priority Pass

· First checked bag FOR FREE, on flights from/to USA and Puerto Rico

· 22 extra lbs. on your checked bag

· Free Medium Cabin Bag

· Priority Boarding

· Individual membership for the cardholder

· 3, 6 or 11 monthly interest-free installments in Volaris

· 6 monthly interest-free installments in foreign purchases

· 15% cash back on the purchase of onboard food and drinks

· Up to 2.5% cash back in Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit 


Additional VISA benefits:


· Access to Visa’s VIP Lounge in Mexico City’s International Airport.

· FREE Taxi Service to Mexico City’s Airport, up to 3 times a year.

· Visa Concierge service on all your trips
· Car Rental Insurance

· International emergency medical services, among others.



Which Volaris INVEX products do you have available?


We have three kinds of Visa Platinum credit cards:


  • Volaris INVEX 0


· No annual fee

· Welcome bonus of $600 MXN

· Anniversary bonus of $300 MXN

·  1% cash back in Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit, on all your purchases


  • Volaris INVEX


· Welcome bonus of $1,300 MXN.

· Anniversary bonus of $400 MXN.

· 1.5% cash back in Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit, on all your purchases

· Annual fee of $1,550 MXN starting on the second year, among many other great benefits that you see here.


  • Volaris INVEX 2.0


· Individual membership for the cardholder.

· Welcome bonus of $2,150 MXN.

· Anniversary bonus of $1,000 MXN.

· 2% cash back in Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit, on all your purchases

· Annual fee of $2,550 MXN starting on the second year, among many other great benefits that you can see here.


How much does a Volaris INVEX Card cost?


The first annual fee is completely free. The yearly cost, starting on the second year is:

· Volaris INVEX 0: Has no annual fee, only a monthly commission for no use of $95 MXN.

· Volaris INVEX $1,550

· Volaris INVEX 2.0: $2,550 MXN


What is Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit?


It is a virtual credit related to your INVEX credit card, in which you can accumulate money (Mexican pesos) for each purchase you make with your card, in any establishment.


How can I access my Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit?


  1. Go to
  2. Log in using the username and password registered on your credit card.
    1. If you don’t remember your account details, learn how to retrieve your password here:
    2. Complete your purchase and in the step in which you have to pay, choose “Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit”.
    3. Choose the amount you wish to use from your credit.
    4. If there is still a remaining balance after using your credit, you can use a credit card to complete your purchase.

For more information, go to the “How to use your Electronic Credit” section, on the following link:


How can I get the baggage benefits included on my Volaris INVEX Card and/or Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit?


By paying at least 50% of the whole of your reservation with your Volaris INVEX Card and/or your Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit, all the passengers included on the reservation will have access to the following benefits:


1. Extra baggage

2. Priority Boarding


Where can I purchase in order to get the baggage benefits and Priority Boarding service in Volaris?


The benefits apply only for the bookings made through our Mobile App, Volaris Call Centers and In bookings made outside the site, such as Volaris Combos, the benefits will not apply.


Does my Volaris INVEX Electronic Credit have a validity period?


Yes, it does. Your welcome and anniversary bonuses have a validity of 365 days starting on they day in which they are granted; the bonuses accumulated form purchases on other establishments have a validity of 730 days after they’ve been granted. 


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