Cognitive disability and emotional support

Request guidance for boarding, landing and connections for clients with cognitive or developmental disabilities.



Passengers with cognitive disability

- Ask for support in advance or in the airport counters

- We do not have continuous supervision or escorts designated for passengers with cognitive disability

- If the person traveling has problems attending to safety instructions or requires continuous attention he must be accompanied

Passengers who need to travel with an emotional support animal

- If you need to travel with an emotional support animal (dog or cat), you can do so at no additional cost by presenting a medical certificate that guarantees that you are under treatment and you need it for your flight. The document should be expedited up to one year before the date of your flight and signed by a qualified mental health doctor (psychiatrist, psychologist, or physician psychosocial emotional disabilities, or specialized physican in psychosocial, emotional or intellectual disabilities)

- In case you can't submit the required document, you can board with the animal paying the correspondent fee for a pet on board or pet in belly, depending on each case. Click here  for more information to take your pet on board


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