Service animals

Learn all about the requirements to take a service animal with you.

Volaris allows service dogs and cats on board on all of its flights free of charge as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • People with visual impairment have the right to travel with a guide dog or service animal without additional charge, and will be located in a seat in row 1, subject to availability
  • Emotional and psychiatric support animals will be accepted in the cabin with the passenger at no additional charge provided that the passenger presents recent documentation (maximum of one year from the date of the flight) from a medical professional specialized in mental health (Ex: psychiatrist, psychologist, or the doctor treating the passenger with an emotional, intellectual or psychological disability) indicating that the person is under professional care and requires the animal to travel in the airplane. In the case that the passenger does not comply with the previous requirements, the support animal will be transported as a pet in the cabin together with the passenger with the disability, and will be susceptible to the corresponding charge of the dealer or air transport permitted


  • Immunization Record (The record must contain the rabies vaccine registered for a period of up to one year from the application date and at least 30 days before the flight date.)
  • Deworming record
  • Animal Health Certificate (The animal health certificate must be submitted as the original copy and issued by a physician dated less than five days of the start date of the trip. If the return trip is programmed later than 5 days of its emission, then they should submit a certificate that meets the term)



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