Baggage Guarantee

Baggage Guarantee

We guarantee that your baggage will arrive on the same flight you’re on. With our baggage guarantee, you will receive an electronic credit of $1,000 MXN or $80 USD (depending on the booking currency).

Please consider the following:

· The baggage guarantee applies only when checked baggage doesn’t arrive on the same flight as the customer.

· Checked baggage is considered as such when a valid claim check is issued and registered in our check-in system.

· This guarantee is valid on all our routes.

· This guarantee applies to one incident per customer, i.e., for 2 delayed bags, only one Baggage Guarantee will be issued.

· The electronic credit is valid to purchase and travel within 30 (thirty) days.


Steps to request the Baggage Guarantee: 

1. Customers whose baggage has not arrived to the final destination must look for a Customer Service Agent before leaving the baggage claim zone, in order to file a baggage irregularity report.

2. While searching for the missing baggage, the Customer Service Agent will request activation of the Baggage Guarantee. 

3. 72 hours after the flight’s arrival, the customer will receive an email with the electronic credit number (to the email address provided by the customer at the booking process). If they don’t receive this e-mail, customers may contact the Volaris Call Center at (55) 1102 8000 and provide their reservation code to request their electronic credit number.



1. It may be used only once. 

2. Once it is applied, contracted air transportation services may not be changed or cancelled.

3. Only one electronic credit may be used per purchase.

4. It can only be used before its expiration date and the period of validity may not be extended. Once expired, it cannot be replaced.

5. It cannot be used with other promotions.



· The electronic credit will become effective 72 hours after the flight's arrival.

· The electronic credit number will be sent by email to the address provided by the customer at the booking process. The Volaris Call Center can also inform customers of their electronic credit number (customers must provide their reservation code).

· The electronic credit is non-transferable.

· If the electronic credit does not cover the entire purchase, the customer must pay for due amount.

· The electronic credit only applies to base fare. It cannot be used for paying taxes, fees, or additional services.

· It is independent from any possible compensation for delay, cargo delay, or lost baggage.

· It does not apply to last-minute checked baggage or to delayed baggage due to security restrictions.

· It can be used when making a reservation through our Call Center or through by selecting “Electronic Credit” as the payment method.

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