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Web Check-In

Get your boarding pass in your mobile device to avoid long queues at the airport and arrive at the boarding gate much faster.

Mobile Check-In

Installing the Volaris app in your Smartphone or Tablet will give you more benefits to fly. 

Facebook Messenger

You can do Check-In from Facebook Messenger,
just ask Chatbot Vane to help you.

Reservation Code

When completing your purchase you will receive the reservation code, the itinerary and all the details of your flight at the email that you provided.

If you have not received your reservation code, contact us on Facebook.

It´s easy, just send us the message "reservation code" directly on Facebook Messenger and Chatbot Vane will help you recover your code. 

I you are ready to check-in, just got to My Trips and prepare fot take-off.

Flight Status

Do not miss any detail!

You can check this section to see all the information related to your itinerary.

Facebook Messenger

Find Chatbot Vane by accessing our Volaris profile on Facebook Messenger. Check-In through your smartphone with IOS and Android system. *Applies for flights within Mexico

Talk to Chatbot Vane

Web Check-in


This video will show you how you can print your boarding pass from your home or office and avoid long queues to arrive directly at the boarding gate.


Remember that in order to print your boarding pass from our website, you must do it from 72 hours to 1 hour before within a Mexico flight. In an international flight you must do it from 24 hours to one hour before


What you should know

Web Check-In Benefits

· Printing your boarding pass from your home or office makes your check-in process at the airport counter faster.

· If you don’t have any baggage to check-in, you can go directly to the boarding gate.

· Plus, you can choose your seat and begin your trip relaxed and with no setbacks. 

How can I do Check-In?

1. Click on My Trips and choose the “Print Boarding Pass” option.

2. Enter your reservation code and your last name. Then, click on “Print”.

3. Choose the names of the customers that wish to check baggage.

4. Make sure to comply with all the guidelines of our Restricted Items policy.

5. Verify the availability of seats and select the one that better suits you.

6. Click on “Print” and that’s all!

7. Take it with you along with an official ID to make your check-in process much faster.

Mobile Check-In

Make your trip easier by doing mobile check-in from your Volaris App and get amazing extra benefits! 


Installing the Volaris app you will get additional discounts, exclusive notifications, easy ways to get flight tickets, itinerary updates and much more from your smarthphone or tablet.


Watch this video and find out how to get your boarding pass in your mobile device to avoid long queues at the airport and arrive at the boarding gate much faster.


Flight Status

Check your Flight Status and learn every detail about our departures and arrivals, from 24 hours before and up to 24 hours after each flight. Here you can also check the weather of your destination, so you can be prepared and pack everything you need.


It’s really easy! Just enter your data on our Flight Tracker or search for it by route.


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