Let’s Speak Clearly

Let’s Speak Clearly

Flying different is paying only for what you really need. And because we want everyone to fly at the best possible price, your ticket includes only the essential. That way, you can decide what to add to your flight and pay for nothing else.


Dare to be different, to fly however you want, with as much baggage as you need.


Our Baggage Policy is different. That is because we consider only what you really need to help you avoid paying more for those extra bags you probably won’t even use. In case you do need to take more baggage, you can add as many bags as you want when making your reservation at anytime before doing your Check-in.

When adding extra weight to your carry-on baggage, you will get benefits such as: Priority Boarding, priority to take your baggage on board in the cabin compartments (subject to availability), and an additional 22 lbs. (10 kg) to take on board, divided among two pieces of carry-on baggage (44 lbs. in total) as long as they comply with the measurement requirements.

For more information, please view our Baggage Policy

Space Between Seats

Being different means making more people fly to more destinations, with the best fares.


In order to make everyone fly with really low fares, we have reduced the space between the seats of our planes. That way, more passengers can fit in one plane and the total cost, which is split among everyone, is much lower. This is how we do things differently, making more people travel well with the best fares.


More info on Space Between Seats

Onboard Menu

The fare of your ticket doesn’t include any food or beverages, since you might want to save that to spend more on your trip. However, you will find an Onboard Menu with which you can choose to eat or drink anything during your flight.

Additional Services

Acquire more services during the booking process or with one of our Traveling Combos, before doing your Check-in. Your ticket will be much cheaper and you’ll be able to fly with everything you need.

Traveling Combos


To make sure the cost of your ticket is as low as possible, review the prices of all our services by visiting Additional Services Fees.

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