Pregnant Women

Before Booking your Flight

We recommend visiting your doctor to determine if it is safe to travel by air, considering the probability of events such as turbulence, pressurization and lack of access to immediate Medical Assistance.

IATA Recommendations

Please consider that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommends traveling up to the 36th week of gestation in cases where the pregnancy has not presented any complication, and up to the 32nd week for a multiple pregnancy in the same condition.


When booking with Volaris, pregnant women are complying with this and accepting these risks.

During the Flight

Fasten your seatbelt around your hips and not around your abdomen.

We do not recommend

Traveling after 8 months (36 weeks) of pregnancy, or 7 days before your delivery.

Starting on the 8th month of pregnancy (36 weeks)

As of 8th month of pregnancy (36 weeks), you must present a medical certificate including:

· The authorization from your personal physician to travel by air, indicating the duration and deadline of the flight.

· Full name of the customer traveling.

· Full name, professional license and contact phone number of your physician.

In the event of not having a medical certificate, you must sign a “Notification letter of pregnancy or disease” issued by Volaris, stating that you understand the risks of flying in this condition.

The “Notification letter of pregnancy or disease” must be printed at the airport for your filling and keeping.


· Pregnant women can’t be located on exit or emergency seats. 

· The origin airport will be responsible of keeping either a copy of the medical certificate or the original responsive letter, depending on the case.